The title insurance industry and title search business sector is a very competitive and price sensitive environment. To get the best use of talent and take full advantage of the great skills and experience of our team, we have created a solution mix that utilizes American abstractor on the ground in the counties we serve and back office functions that take advantage of the labor cost savings overseas. Our team has many years of experience in the title industry has an excellent track record with our clients. We have been judged and tracked by our clients and have consistently delivered the highest quality and turnaround times possible.

     Proserv believes in synergy between companies, so our goal is to create a partnership that takes advantage of our strengths while delivering in the most efficient way. Whether we ground abstracting, data entry, title plant, online searching or document retrieval, we understand that each client sometime needs a unique set of skills and care in their work requests. We pride ourselves in being flexible and creative in getting the job done and maintaining the highest levels of quality and speed.

     Contact us today to discuss a plan to get the most value for your business. We look forward to delivering great results.

Our Team

Pushpa Prasad - CEO / CFO

   As majority owner, Pushpa is responsible for the direction of the company as well as all financial operations. Her and her husband are US Citizens and residents of Fishers Indiana for over 25 years. Previously with Navient, a financial services company, she was software engineer. She has also volunteered as treasurer for the Hindu Temple of Indianapolis, India Association of Indianapolis and Berkley Grove Homeowners Association. Because of her extensive process background, knowledge of business finances and experience in nonprofit organizations, combined with her relationships in India and the US, Proserv Solutions is the next step in a path of success.

Shama Prasad - Director US Operations

   Sam is responsible for the coordination of service delivery between the abstractor network, clerks, courts and the India team. With experience in banking and financial services, he understands the contrast in cultures between countries and assures that the high standards are maintained. He is a resident of Fishers for over 25 years with a successful career in technology in Connecticut and Indiana. Shama also enjoys staying physical active by playing Pickleball, a sport that is growing dramatically in popularity across the US.

S R Srinivasan - Director India Operations

   Srini oversees the Indian operations and assures that the team he builds is trained, productive and efficient. Srini has been highly successful in business in India for over 25 years including credit rating, B2B research, database design, data entry, business analysis and title search.